Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tyco Electronics RN73 high stability precision chip resistors

The RN73 series of high stability precision chip resistors from Tyco Electronics has been extended to offer resistance tolerances down to 0.01 per cent, which means the devices are up to 10 times more accurate than previously available versions.

The resistors are available in a choice of packages, down to 0402 case size. Standard package size is 0805.

Based on nichrome thin film technology, the devices are produced with three sputtered layers of resistive metal film. This enables very stable high frequency performance to be achieved.

Temperature coefficient of resistance values down to 10ppm/ deg C, and even 5ppm/ deg C for some case sizes, are available over a wide value range (5R1 - 470K) in the E96 and E24 value grids.

For applications requiring higher power, the alternative RP73 series resistors offer increased power dissipation, higher temperature capabilities (up to +155 deg C) and increased operating voltages (200Vdc) compared to the standard RN73 series.

See www.tycoelectronics.com

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