Sunday, September 30, 2007

AutomationDirect introduces IronHorse AC motors

AutomationDirect’s new IronHorse general purpose AC motor line includes rolled steel and cast iron styles in the most popular sizes. IronHorse motors are available in single and three-phase models and in one-third to 300 hp sizes; all motors have a base speed of 1800 RPM and are electrically reversible.

The MTR series 56C frame motors, in one-third to 2HP sizes, are housed in rolled steel, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) enclosures and are equipped with removable bolt on-bolt off bases. MTR series motors feature large, easy-to-wire junction boxes, high tensile strength steel shafts, and cast aluminum end bells. The single-phase, 115/208-230 Volt motors include large all-metal capacitor covers with rubber gaskets and oversized capacitors. Prices for single-phase motors start at $96. The three-phase, 208-230/460 volt motors are inverter capable and start at $97. IronHorse MTR series motors work well in applications using conveyors, fans, gear reducers, and pumps, and are CE and CSA certified.

The three-phase industrial duty MTC series motors are T frame TEFC motors available in one to 300 HP sizes and feature ribbed designed cast iron frames to ensure maximum cooling. They are also equipped with solid full frame-length cast iron mounting feet, cast iron junction box with rubber gasket and rubber dust cover. Motor sizes 10 hp and lower are equipped with maintenance free bearings. Larger motors feature NSK/SKF brand premium quality ball or roller bearings. These high-efficiency motors are CSA, CE, ISO9001, and EPACT certified. IronHorse T frame motors are ideal for applications such as pumps, material handling, metal and textile processing, and test stands. Prices for MTC series motors start at $120.

IronHorse AC motor accessories include Stable motor slide bases for accurate and easy motor positioning. Available in sizes from NEMA 56- NEMA 449T, these motor bases start at $10. Replacement capacitors and centrifugal switches are available for MTR single-phase motors for $12. C-flange kits, starting at $14, can be used for C-face mounting of the cast iron MTC series motors.

The new IronHorse general purpose motors are available for same-day shipping and are backed by a two-year warranty.

AutomationDirect sells over 6,500 feature-packed products through its Online Automation Superstore and 2,000-page catalog. The company offers its customers high-quality automation products at prices well below the industry average, 24-hour order entry with same-day shipping on in-stock items, the best documentation in the industry, and award-winning sales and technical support.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Development of the SSXYZMicro-3B and SSXYZMicroHC-3B boards (RoHS compliant)

Simple Step will be releasing the new SSXYZMicro-3B in the next 2 months or less and the SSXYZMicroHC-3B soon afterwards. The highlights for both boards are as follows:
USB 2.0 virtual serial communications port (mini-B connection) from 9600 to 460.8K baud.

Hardware reset input for emergency stop.
Microstepping from FULL to 1/32 stepping.
RS232, RS422 and RS485 on board (jumper selectable).
On board 120 balance resistors for the RS422 and RS485 (jumper selectable)
600W TVS diode on the supply voltage.
Single-ended Quadrature encoder per axis.
3.3VDC board voltage and 5VDC Quadrature encoder supply voltage.
10 pin, 2.0mm dual row header with 4 Inputs and 1 open collector, 50ma output.
Home, Limit, 3 USER Inputs, 2 MOSFET diode clamped Outputs and 4 Spare I/O per axis.
RTOS, 32 bit, TRIP and 8K IEEPROM memory standard.
Slope torque control. Allows the user to apply more current to the motor during the acceleration and deceleration process.
Quadrature Encoder feedback includes auto-correction, detect only, count only and disabled modes for standard.
Software programmable motor, idle current limiting.
Motor decay control (limited).
Quadrature Encoder feedback includes auto-correction, detect only, count only and disabled modes standard.
10 pin, 2.0mm dual row header with 4 Inputs and 1 open collector, 50ma output.
IEEPROM memory can be programmed for control of all axis.
Motor driver has built in wire to wire short circuit protection, thermal shutdown, under voltage lockout and short circuit to ground protection.

The features for the SSXYZMicro-3B board will be as follows:

Operating voltages from 15 to 50VDC.
Operates bipolar and unipolar stepper motors from 100ma to 1.5 amps per phase.
Board size is 7.58 inches L x 4.20 inches W by 0.9 inches H.
RoHS compliant, 2 layer board.
Replaces the SSXYZMicro board.

The features for the SSXYZMicroHC-3B board will be as follows:

Operating voltages from 12 to 50VDC.
Operates bipolar and unipolar stepper motors from 250ma to 6.00 amps per phase.
Board size is 6.04 inches L x 4.18 inches W by 0.9 inches H (same foot print and mounting holes as the SSXYZ board).
RoHS compliant, 6 layer board.
5.0mm screw terminal block for main supply connection up to 14 AWG wire size.
Power dissipation of 4.176 watts per phase maximum.
Replaces the SSXYZ and SSXYZMicro77 boards.
5 Pin motor connectors with Shield ground connection.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

LDT461V LCD Monitor

The LDT461V High Definition widescreen LCD monitor brings full HD 1080P to our line in a bright 46” digital display with native 1920x1080 resolution. Use this display monitor to build amazing entertainment and digital signage displays in individual or tiled (video wall) configurations. These monitors are also ideal for message boards, video conferencing, classroom presentations, retail kiosks, or gaming displays, or to enhance your facilities with welcome messages, company promotions, or human resources information.

Mitsubishi LCD Digital Displays are Built for the Professional

Mitsubishi recognizes your need for a professional grade widescreen LCD monitor, while many competitors offer only TV Consumer grade LCD panels. Our specialized LCD monitors for the pro integrator or A/V installer are designed for bright environments and extended use. This new 46” 1920x1080 display monitor easily integrates with 3rd party touch overlays, control systems, and has a unique built-in scheduler.

Fast Response and Vibrant Color in Widescreen LCD Monitors

This 46" monitor features an improved 1500:1 contrast ratio, 500 cd/m2 brightness, and full HD 1080P resolution. Mitsubishi's fast response time brings any application rich, vibrant and realistic images and smooth 1920x1080 video display viewable at 176 deg. horizontal & vertical. For long-term performance, this full HD 1080P monitor features automatic power saving and screen saver functions to avoid image persistence and extend the life of your display monitors.

MEMOS: We Back Your Widescreen LCD Monitor

The 3-year warranty on LCD panels and monitor parts and labor will make you confident you’re making the right decision to buy Mitsubishi. Highlights of our new LCD digital display warranty program include extended support hours, a longer LCD panel warranty, plus onsite service and repairs. Mitsubishi Express Monitor Onsite Service (MEMOS) eliminates shipping costs, with service provided onsite within 48 hours.


Rapid Video Response Time

Enjoyment of artifact free graphics and video in full motion enviroments.
Motion "Shift" Function

Increased protection against image retention and image persistence.
Power Save

Detects when input signal is no longer active and will automate the monitor to a Power Save state to help save the life of the LCD panel.
High Contrast Ratio (1500:1)

For an incredible visual detail in both data and video display.S-Gamma Control

Display during the hours you want – power saving. Flexible control over content.
Tile Matrix

Create data wall / tile display with multiple LCD Monitors.

Show two active input displays simultaneously.
Panel Lock Out

Prevent unauthorized tampering of panel controls.
VESA Compliant

Allows for VESA standard mounting arms or mounts.
Certified for Windows Vista

Plug and Play compatibility with Microsoft Windows Vista
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Physik Instrumente announces NEXACT Ceramic Linear Motor

PI (Physik Instrumente) introduces the N-310 NEXACT miniature ceramic linear motor actuator.

Features & Advantages:
• Very Compact (25x25x12 mm) and Cost-Effective
• Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Design, Self-Locking
• 10 N Push/Pull, 20 mm Travel, 10 mm/sec Speed
• Picometer Resolution
• Very Stiff Design, Millisecond Response & High Bandwidth

Typical Applications: Laser Tuning, Nanotechnology, Nano-Imprint, Semiconductor & Data-Storage Test & Production Equipment, Nanomanipulation, Bio-Technology.

New Design Bridges the Micro / Nanopositioning Gap, < 1/2 Cubic Inch
NEXACT is a patented, high-precision linear motor actuator developed to bridge the gap between micro- and nanopositioning devices. At ½ cubic inch and 50 g (1.7 oz), the new NEXACT actuator is significantly smaller and more cost effective than its big “brother.” This high-force ceramic motor, dubbed NEXLINE has already won a technology award from the semiconductor community.

Working Principle: Piezo Bending Elements Drive a Ceramic Runner
NEXACT actuators provide piezo-class resolution (far below one nanometer) and millisecond responsiveness. The new technology combines virtually unlimited travel ranges with high stiffness in a very small package. In operation, piezoceramic bending elements act on the ceramic runner, connected to the moving part of the application. The length of the runner can be chosen as required, force capacity, resolution and velocity depend on the piezo geometry and are also scalable. To move the runner over longer distances the stepping mode is used, whereas for distances smaller than 7┬Ám, the linear (sweep) mode enables high-dynamics positioning with resolutions far below one nanometer. The special drive design reduces the operating voltage to 40 V and below.

Self-Locking, No Wear, Maintenance-Free
In contrast to servo or stepper motor actuators, the piezo stepping elements effect linear motion directly, without the need to transform rotation with gears and leadscrews. Backlash and wear are eliminated and the drive is maintenance-free. NEXACT actuators exhibit high stiffness and are self-locking when powered down with nanometer position stability, and zero dissipation or servo-dither at rest.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Siemens introduces Sitrans LUC500 duplex lift station control

Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. introduces the Sitrans LUC500 ultrasonic controller, an advanced ultrasonic level controller, for duplex lift stations run by operators of water and wastewater plants. The design of the new controller, integrates common PLC lift station functionalities into one pre-configured unit that improves efficiency, reduces energy consumption and lowers maintenance costs by decreasing pump failures and site visits. The Sitrans LUC500 ultrasonic controller replaces the EnviroRanger ERS 500, maintaining the same proven features and benefits.

The Sitrans LUC500 unit combines non-contacting ultrasonic technology, echo-processing techniques and proven application software to provide accurate level control of liquids in wet wells up to 50 feet deep. It also monitors flow in flumes, weirs and other open channels.

The Sitrans LUC500 controller features fault monitoring and data logging for trend analysis, logging time, date, volume or any other application event.

It integrates seamlessly with Scada, PLC, or DCS systems to provide remote access to all system parameters including pumped volume, pump runtime and pump status. The Sitrans LUC500 unit provides up to 16 digital inputs for pump interlocks for pump faults (thermal, seal failure), power failure, pump run status and H/O/A (Hand/Off/Auto) switch. The integral telemetry interface for Modbus RTU/ASCII allows remote control in real time. The patented algorithm for calculation of pumped volume works within 5 percent accuracy. Furthermore, the level controller offers logging of pump runtime and number of pump starts, as well as an energy saving function with built-in real-time clock. In the Sitrans LUC500, five relays control any combination of pumps, gate valves, and alarms. A pump performance/efficiency monitoring function calculates the pump capacities each time the pumps operate, and compares these to the reference pump capacities set by the user. If the monitored pump capacity falls below the entered reference value, an alarm indicates operational error, detecting complete pump failure.

Additionally, the Sitrans LUC500 instrument is expandable to meet a variety of applications with I/O modules RAM for data logging, dual point measurement, and industrial communications, including Profibus DP. Optional Windows based software, Dolphin Plus, provides simple system configuration and diagnostics. The device is available for rack mount, panel mount or wall mount.

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Driver ICs Elevate Design of Stepper-Motor Control

Stepper motors are now being used more frequently in industrial environments. Increased performance and reduced size make them increasingly attractive, and their application is no longer limited to accurate positioning. Applications such as dose pumps, valve control and even dynamic positioning (and other movements previously reserved for linear positioners) are becoming popular.
The drive electronics for such stepper motors are evolving accordingly. In the traditional way, the architecture typically includes a standard microcontroller or DSP, custom logic to provide the decoder inputs, several analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters (ADCs and DACs), and an H-bridge to drive the currents in the stator windings of the stepper motor.

The development of drivers and controllers spawned by automotive applications has yielded interesting products and building blocks. These functions move local intelligence close to the motor, creating a class of products known as mechatronics. Application-specific standard products (ASSPs) have become available to drive stepper motors directly from high-level position commands on a bus. Single-chip solutions integrate driver transistors, on-chip current regulation, a translation table between the exact rotor position and corresponding coil currents, a rotor positioner, speed and acceleration, and the physical layer and data-link protocol of a communication bus. The use of microstepping converts low-resolution motors into low-cost high-resolution actuators.
These single-chip motor-driver ASSPs are convenient for multi-axis positioning applications. However, system builders who want more flexibility on the control of the movement can choose dual-chip solutions. These solutions allow system designers to embed their knowledge in standard microcores or DSPs, and develop algorithms that produce the “next-step” signals to the stepper motor. The ASSP takes care of the rest and replaces the bulk, if not all, of the traditional motor-drive circuitry. This allows designers to concentrate on the programming of the motion, rather than concentrating on driving a current through a coil using complex PWM algorithms. The development time, and therefore the time-to-market, of new products reduces accordingly.
The ASSPs come with new features like embedded diagnostics and information on torque and motion. The designer can use these signals in programming the controller to detect rotor blockage and rotor position, and to perform automated adaptation of torque without the use of external sensors.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

MOXA launches PC/104 and PC/104-Plus embedded modules

MOXA launched a new line of embedded PC/104 and PC/104- Plus serial modules that are suitable for industrial applications. The modules are designed to operate reliably in a -40 to 85°C temperature range, and the on-board 15 KV ESD protection and 2 KV optical isolation features make the new boards an attractive alternative to other similar products on the market.

PC/104 is an embedded computer standard characterized by small form factor, low power consumption, and module stacking. As networking applications increase in popularity, embedded PCs are being used for a wide range of applications, including traditional industrial automation, safety monitoring and telecom equipment. MOXA’s new PC/104 and PC/104- Plus modules make it easy for system designers to add serial ports to their embedded computers.

The CA series of PC/104 module follow the original PC/104 standard, which uses for a 104-pin ISA bus. The CB series of PC/104-Plus modules incorporates both the 104-pin ISA bus and 120-pin PCI bus. The CA and CB series drivers support all major operating systems, including DOS, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Windows XP Embedded, and Linux 2.4/2.6, and optional DB9 and DB25 connection cables are available for connecting to many types of serial device. The device drivers for the CA and CB series make full use of the 128-byte Tx/Rx FIFO and on-chip H/W and S/W flow control, which allow data transmission at speeds of up to 921.6 Kbps. The CA series and CB series boards come with 4, or 8 3-in-1 (RS-232/422/485) serial ports for connecting data access devices and other equipment to embedded computers.

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Product Spotlight

Accutech has introduced to the industrial marketplace the only completely wire-free monitoring system. This standalone technology pinpoints service needs, "everything is OK" status, as well as any communications errors, 24/7. The Accutech Wireless Instrumentation monitoring system is a turnkey, self-powered package that provides a cost-effective solution to the challenge of monitoring process variables in remote, hard-to-access, or hazardous locations. The field transmitters include temperature, pressure, dP, analog 4-20 ma, digital inputs, and acoustic.

Developed by Accutech, a division of Adaptive Instruments, LLC, these robust products are truly wireless. And, right out of the box, they perform in harsh –- even hazardous –- industrial environments.
• For long term monitoring of variables in remote locations
• For short term data gathering on process conditions
• For new installations, to test a project's economic viability
The implementation
No wires. No permits. No licenses. Configure, start-up and test in the shop. Install in the field.

Wireless Data Network
Your field units communicate in a secure, digital protocol over a band of frequencies from 902 MHz to 928 MHz. This data communication technique has been the backbone of the military's secure communications protocols for many years. It requires no FCC site license. The multiple frequency transmissions, send-receive acknowledgements and built-in data redundancy have proven to be extremely robust.

Update Speed
Update speed is user-settable to match the needs of the application. The "Smart-Update" capability immediately initiates a message when a fault is detected. Otherwise a "Healthy Heartbeat" communication is initiated with the base radio on a regular interval to pass status and any new configuration information.

Range up to 3,000 feet with omni-directional antenna. Other options are available to increase range to over 6000 feet.

Battery Life
Generally 5 years with factory default update speed and communication parameters.

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