Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BSNL introduced Application Store
BSNL has introduced application store for its subscribers. Application Store customers to purchase and download applications for use on their handsets. An application is a software which you can download onto your handset for personal use e.g. Calorie Calculator etc.

The BSNL Apps Store provides you thousands of applications, utilities, games and themes. A wide-array of applications is available on the Apps Store & Applications are updated on a regular basis.

How You can access

You should have GPRS facility activated on your mobile and you need to visit BSNL Live WAP Portal. A “BSNL Apps Store” icon is available on the BSNL Live Home page for you to access the various applications.

Steps to use Apps Store:

1. Click “BSNL Apps Store” icon on the BSNL Live home page.
2. On the BSNL Apps Store home page select from the menu of applications.
3. On selecting a specific category from the menu you would then be presented a list of available applications which you can download under that category.
4. On selecting any specific application you would then be presented with the details of the application along with the price.
5. Some applications are available for Free and would display only a "Download" option with Zero price point.
6. You would then need to click/select the Buy or Download; the application would begin to download on your mobile.
7. The application will install on your handset. After the install is complete, you will see the option to 'Start Now?' depending on your handset.
8. If you select 'Yes' the application will start.
9. If you select 'No' you will be back to the Apps Store Receipt page. Here you can click on “Apps Store" link to go back to the BSNL Apps Store home page.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smartr Inbox for Gmail and Smartr Contacts for Android

Xobni products are famous as contact management tools for Outlook and BlackBerry.Today Xobni announced Smartr Inbox for Gmail and Smartr Contacts for Android.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Google’s Next own-brand Nexus Prime

Google is apparently readying its third own-brand Nexus range smartphone for the market, subtitled the Prime. After the Nexus One was manufactured by HTC and the Nexus S came from Samsung, it looks like Google is sticking with the latter firm for the Nexus Prime, due to launch before the end of 2011.

Google has got into the habit of debuting a new Nexus smartphone to match up to a significant update to its Android operating system and the Nexus Prime will probably launch with Android 4.0, otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich. While the version number may vary, this software update is set to bring elements of the tablet-friendly Android Honeycomb platform over to the mobile market

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sony has launched new models of external 3D Blu-ray rewritable drive

The drive is a successor to the BDX-S500U with support for the latest Blu-ray formats, including the 3D Blu-ray or BD-R XL format, which is the format of choice of the latest 3D movies.

The tray-loading BDX-S600U comes with a USB 2.0 interface with an integrated dual cable ducts for easy stowage. The dual USB cable is provided to solve power outage problems on USB ports, which can provide up to 500 mA each. It can write single and dual layer BD-R media at up to 6x, BD-RE at 2x, and BD-R XL at 4x, thus theoretically capable of recording a full 100 GB disc in about an hour and a half. It also supports writing to BD-RE at 2x. The drive comes with Cyberlink Media Suite 8 to help you enjoy 3D Blu-ray movies at no extra cost.

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AMD processors had been overclocked at speeds up to 8.429 GHz

It has been published on  a blog post that the eight FX processors had been overclocked at speeds up to 8.429 GHz, beating the prior record of 8.309 GHz, using a third-party team of overclocking enthusiasts.
AMD's announcement opens the Intel Developer Forum here in San Francisco, a developer conference hosted by AMD's arch-rival and much larger competitor, Intel.

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Windows 8's touch-centric Metro interface

Windows 8, which Microsoft unveiled last week at its BUILD conference in Anaheim, is notable for many reasons. But the single most striking thing about the upgrade--which won't show up in shipping form until well into 2012--is its all-new Metro interface. As Microsoft says, Metro is "touch first." You can use it with a keyboard and mouse, but any Windows 8 PC that doesn't have a touchscreen is going to feel a tad retro. Microsoft is clearly looking towards the day when touch is as standard a PC feature as sound and a Webcam are today.

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