Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PD controller supporting two-event physical layer is industry’s first

 Controller raises input power to 30 W, targeting IP cameras, 802.11n WAP, and other higher power apps

The AS1135 powered-device (PD) controller is the industry's first such device to implement the two-event physical-layer classification of the upcoming IEEE 802.3at standard. This standard raises the maximum available PD input power to 30 W from the 13 W specified in the existing 802.3af standard. The 30-W level opens a range of new applications including IP security cameras with power, tilt and zoom (PTZ) capability, new multiradio 802.11n wireless access points, WiMAX customer premise equipment, SOHO Ethernet switches, thin clients, and LCDs.

Enabling dynamic negotiation and allocation of power, the two-event classification allows the PD to recognize if it is connected to a Type 1 (802.3af/13-W) or Type 2 (802.3at/30-W) power-sourcing equipment, and vice versa. The protocol informs the 802.3at-compliant PSE that it is safe to increase power delivered to the PD from 13 to 30 W.

Housed in a 5 x 5 20-pin QFN package, the controller provides 802.3at-detect functionality on a logic output pin. The switching frequency of the integrated dc/dc controller can be set from 100 kHz to 500 kHz to optimize the system for parameters including EMI, power consumption and component sizes. ($1.66 ea/1,000 contact company for availability and samples.)

Akros Silicon, Folsom, CA
Information 916-351-8100
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Actel introduces low-power, I/O-optimised FPGA family

 Broadening its extensive portfolio of low-power programmable solutions for power-conscious designs, Actel Corporation today introduced IGLOO PLUS, a new family of low-power field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) with power-, area-, logic- and feature-per-I/O ratios in a programmable device.

The new 5 microwatt (5µW) I/O-optimised IGLOO PLUS family also offers up to 64 percent more I/Os than the company's award-winning IGLOO family and supports independent Schmitt Trigger inputs, hot swapping and Flash*Freeze bus hold.

The low-power consumption and I/O optimisation of the IGLOO PLUS family makes it an ideal solution for portable electronics in consumer, industrial, communications, medical and test applications, particularly those employing I/O-intensive memory bus manipulation, general-purpose I/O expansion, sequencing, interface translation, storage and human interface touch screen and key pad technology.

"Users continue to demand a growing list of features on their portable devices, and yet expect the cost and battery life of those devices to remain the same," said Fares Mubarak, senior vice president of Actel Corporation. 

"Today, the new I/O-optimised, cost-effective IGLOO PLUS family gives designers a sophisticated feature-rich programmable logic platform for dramatically reducing power consumption without sacrificing functionality or driving up the cost of their end products." 

Pricing and Availability

Samples of the IGLOO PLUS devices will be available in May with qualified devices available in Q3 2008. The IGLOO PLUS family is supported by the Actel Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) v8.3 software available in March. Volume pricing starts at $1.95 for the 120-I/O AGLP030 device in a CS201 package. 

Contact details

For further information, contact Stephanie Mrus/Clive Jones, Actel Corporation on +1 650 318 4200 or Stephanie.mrus@actel.com or clive.jones@actel.com.

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STMicroelectronics launches high-temperature triacs

 STMicroelectronics is offering a series of high-temperature triacs, which it claims maintain full specified performance up to a junction temperature of 150 deg C.

The attraction of the high-junction temperature is the need for smaller heatsinks.

The use of conventional triacs, which are specified at 125 deg C junction temperature, can cause a loss of control of the AC load in environments above this temperature due to device parameter de-rating above 125 deg C.

The HiTj Snubberless series requires no derating of any of its parameters up to the maximum junction temperature, and, in fact, achieves a turn-off performance at 150 deg C, said the supplier.

The triacs are also designed to deliver high-noise immunity of up to 1500V/[micro]s.
These devices are typically used in motor-control applications, such as vacuum cleaners, washing-machine drum motors and industrial drives.

The HiTj series is produced in TO-220AB, TO-220AB insulated (ceramic), and in D2PAK surface-mount packages, for maximum versatility. They are all 600V devices, with current ratings of 8A, 10A, 12A, 16A and 20A. The sensitivity range offered today is 35mA to 50mA, and will soon be extended with 10mA devices.

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Omron launches new MEMS flow sensor

 Omron Components Business Europe is unveiling new MEMS flow sensor, capacitive touch sensor and RF MEMS technologies at Sensor and Test Nuremberg, alongside a raft of innovative test and measurement component solutions.

Omron is announcing that it can customise D6F MEMS mass flow sensors to individual customer requirements in terms of flow rate and non-corrosive gas type.  Omron can provide mass flow sensors suitable for any flow rate from 1 mm/s to 40 m/s or 1 LPM to 50 LPM of most non-corrosive gasses. 

The customisation service is subject to a minimum order size of around 100 sensors.  Omron's announcement follows the appointment of an engineer from its Kurayoshi factory to the European customer engineering team based in Munich.

Omron B6TS capacitive touch sensors can now also be customised, as designers are able to specify different styles of touch control for each of up to 16 available channels. This service is subject to a minimum order quantity. The B6TS is offered in 4, 8 and 16 channel versions, with each channel being able to manage an independent rotary, slider or on-off switch control surface. At the same time Omron has also introduced a new, higher performance version of its 8-channel touch sensor, known as the B6TS-08LF.

Omron will also be showing its RF MEMS switch design, offering a typical life of 100 million operations  Designed for low loss and distortion, it is ideal for high-speed automatic test equipment and RF measuring instruments.

Target specifications promise an ultra-wide 15GHz bandwidth and fast switching time of only 100 micro seconds. 

Omron continues to offer high performance RF relays for test and measurement applications, leveraging its microstrip style design and triplate construction for highest performance and minimum insertion loss. Omron's G6K-RF, for example, is just 5.4mm high, with a footprint of 10.3 x 6.9mm, yet it achieves 30dB isolation, 0.2dB insertion loss, and power consumption of just 100mW. The G6Z, G9YA and G6W RF relays use similar technology to achieve small size, and low power consumption combined with highest reliability and excellent RF power switching performance (10-100W).

The electromechanical switching solutions are complemented by Omron's extensive range of MOSFET relays. For example the G3VM-21LR10, in SSOP package with an output capacitance of just 0.8pF typical, is ideal for RF applications. This device is believed to have the world's smallest CR product, of just 2.5pF•ohms. The G3VM-41GR8 is comparable to an electromechanical device, with an on-resistance of just 100m ohms.

Contact details

For further information, contact Lee O'Toole, Omron Electronics Components, United Kingdom and Ireland Sales Division on +44 (0) 870 750 5661 or ukcc_sales@eu.omron.com.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Comsys adds ExpressCard/34 PC card format to GPRS/WiMAX platforms

 Comsys has added to its GPRS/WiMAX reference design platforms with an ExpressCard/34 PC card format. This means WiMAX functionality can be added to the latest laptop PCs equipped with an ExpressCard slot.

The ComMAX ExpressCard/34 features the ComMAX CM1125 multi-standard baseband processor with radio transceivers for both GPRS/EDGE and mobile WiMAX.

According to Comsys, the intention is to offer design supports for multimode operation of 2.5G cellular with mobile WiMAX. It is offering this in a range of platform configurations.

See www.comsysmobile.com

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

High-power modules expand voltage range for dual, triple outputs

Power modules offer COTS multiple independent 75-W outputs for mil/aero and industrial apps

Two high-power, multichannel power modules, the CB150D and CB225T, are now available in 2-, 3.3-, 5-, 5.2-, 12-, 15-, 24-, and 28-Vdc outputs. The modules expand the choice of output power for the CB series dc/dc power converters from 5 to 225 W. They are COTS converters with multiple independent 75-W outputs designed for applications in military, industrial, and aerospace.

Measuring 2.28 x 2.90 x .0.50 in., the CB150D is a 150-W device with two independent 75-W output channels. The CB225T measures 2.28 x 4.35 x 0.50 in. and is a triple-output module with three independent 75-W output channels. Both dc/dc converters feature an input range of 16 to 40 Vdc and a power density of 45 W/in.3 Standard features include remote turn on/off, output overvoltage trim pin, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, 500-kHz fixed-frequency conversion, and synchronization input.

All models are available in I (unscreened) and M (screened) grades with 84% efficiency. The converters meet full specified performance over an operating temperature range of -55° to 100°C from no load to full load for mission-critical markets. (Ea/50: CB150D. $495; CB225T, $675--available now.)

Martek Power, Torrance, CA
Information 310-202-8820
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Agilent InfiniiVision 7000 oscilloscopes have fast update rate

Agilent Technologies has added to its range of mixed-signal and digital-storage oscilloscopes with 10 new models in the InfiniiVision 7000 series which offers bandwidths up to 1GHz and a deep memory waveform update rate of up to 100,000 waveforms per second.

According to the supplier, the faster update rate can help to eliminate errors which can occur due to a lack of response in previous scopes when deep memory is turned on.

The scope comes with a memory depth of 8 million points.

Software support includes optional packages for serial decode and trigger for I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, RS-232 and other UART. There is also dedicated support for core-assisted debug of designs with Xilinx or Altera FPGAs.

The 7000 series also sports one of the largest scope displays available, measuring 12.1in. This will be a benefit when viewing as many as 20 channels of serial data.

Various configurations are available starting with a 350MHz bandwidth model and prices start at £3,850.

See www.agilent.com

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Monday, March 03, 2008

LED spotlights directly replace 50 to 75-W incandescents

PAR30-type bulb uses five 3-W LEDs to produce 480 to 544 lumens while cutting energy use up to 79%.

Made with five high-output 3-W LEDs, PAR30-15W LED spotlight bulbs are direct replacements for 50 to 75-W PAR30-style incandescent lamps. The LED bulbs have a maximum power draw of 15.8 W, thereby reducing energy consumption by 68% to 79%.

The LED spotlights have standard 25-mm Edison screw-in bases and produce up to 480 lm in the 3,000K (warm-white) version or 544 lm in the 5000K (pure-white) model, They emit light at a 40° and run on 80 to 260 Vac, with other voltages such as 12 Vac or Vdc optionally available.

Potential applications for the LED bulbs include signage spotlighting and backlighting, aerospace lighting systems, industrial OEM equipment lighting, and truck-bay dock lighting, as well as track lighting, accent lighting, general area lighting, architectural and landscape lighting, display case lightening, and cabinet lighting.

The bulbs, whose LEDs can provide up to 50,000 continuous hours of light, have a 3-year limited warranty. (From $110 -- stock to 6 weeks ARO.)

Ledtronics, Torrance, CA
Sales 800-579-4875
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TI power operational amplifier delivers +/-50mA current

Texas Instruments has a precision power operational amplifier which operates on supplies up to 100V and delivers a high output current of +/-50mA with a 150mA short circuit limit.

Designed for applications which require a combination of high voltage with high DC accuracy and speed, the OPA454 is unity-gain stable and can track fast moving signals since it has a slew rate of 10V/[micro]s and gain-bandwidth product of 2.5MHz.

The op amp can be powered with a single or dual supply of +/-4V (8V) to +/-50V (100V).
High DC accuracy of 4mV maximum offset and 5[micro]V/C drift permits precision DC measurement over temperature.

The OPA454 also has a low bias current of +/-110pA that allows accurate measurements from high impedance sources or sensitive current shunt circuits.

Other features include a fast-acting enable/disable pin referenced to the common pin, which can be ground. This saves power and provides protection for the amplifier and the load.

An output status flag, referenced to the common pin, will also tell the user when an over-current or thermal overload condition occurs.

See www.ti.com/analogelab

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

High-Density AMC Modules

The NAMC-8560-xE1/T1/J1 board solution has a choice of four or eight E1/T1/J1 telecom interfaces and one Gigabit Ethernet interface at the front panel. Signalling packages, such as SS7 or ISDN, allow customers to run the module as a ready-to-use box solution or to integrate their own software by using off-the-shelf board-support packages. With the performance of the PowerQUICC III processor, this solution is well-suited for applications such as high-density multiplexers, multi-service switches, edge routers, digital modems and access, DSLAMs, cross-connect systems, VoIP/VoP gateways and routers, and 2.5+3G network equipment.
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40-A PCB relay is industry’s smallest

 Replaces plug-in devices in power-outlet, fan-motor, and power-steering applications

Measuring 15.5 (L) x 12.2 (W) x 13.7 (H) mm, the FBR53-HW PCB automotive-grade relay is presented as the industry's smallest 40-A device of its type. The tiny relay can replace larger plug-in devices and conserve PCB space in applications requiring switching of heavy loads such as power outlets, fan motors, electronic power steering, and starters.

The 1 Form U (Form A) relay weighs 6 g, is rated at 14 Vdc, and can handle a maximum 80 A inrush. Constructed of LCP material, the relay operates in temperatures from –40° to 125°C.

Contact resistance is 1.2 mΩ, mechanical life is 10 million operations, and an electrical life is 100,000 operations. The relay comes in standard coil voltages of 9, 10, and 12 Vdc, with 0.86-W coil power. ($3.50 ea/10,000—12 weeks ARO.)

Fujitsu Components America, Sunnyvale, CA
Information 800-380-0059
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HolyStone ceramic capacitors are radial leaded

 HolyStone (Europe) syas it can offer customers a one-stop shop for a range of both radial leaded and chip safety certified ceramic capacitors.

For example, the 250Vac rated MLCCs are available in five chip sizes, from an 1808 to 2220, and in either NPO/COG or X7R dielectrics, and with a capacitance range of 2pF to 4.7nF.

This range is X2/Y3 and X1/Y2 approved by both UL and TUV. The chip capacitors are available with the firm's SuperTerm polymer terminations to reduce the risk of both mechanical and thermal cracking. It also offers Arc Protection coating to reduce the incidence of flash over.

Single layer radial leaded devices are X1/Y1 approved and are available in a choice of lead spacings from 5mm (0.2in). A capacitance range of 5pF to 10nF is offered across a range of dielectrics. Parts are coated with a flame retardant epoxy resin and are rated at 250Vac and 400Vac for the Y capacitors, and 400Vac and 440Vac for the X capacitors. The products carry UL, VDE and CSA approval.

See www.holystonecaps.com

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IXYS driver ICs for electronic paper-type flexible displays

 IXYS has driver ICs which are aimed specifically at electronic paper-type flexible displays.

The MX860, which is a 268 output source driver IC, and the MXEI2300, a 300 output gate driver IC, are both used in flexible display products. The ICs were designed for low power, bi-stable, reflective displays that eliminate the need for backlighting.

Products incorporating organic or polymer based flexible displays are expected to move into production during 2008 and 2009.

"We have continued our R&D investments in the display IC area in the last few years. This started with our pioneering work in OLEDs, and expanded to product lines that enable the new flexible display technologies that are based on polymers and use less power than ordinary displays," said Dr. Nathan Zommer, CEO of IXYS.

The display IC technology comes out of the Clare Micronix division of IXYS.

See www.ixys.com

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