Monday, March 03, 2008

TI power operational amplifier delivers +/-50mA current

Texas Instruments has a precision power operational amplifier which operates on supplies up to 100V and delivers a high output current of +/-50mA with a 150mA short circuit limit.

Designed for applications which require a combination of high voltage with high DC accuracy and speed, the OPA454 is unity-gain stable and can track fast moving signals since it has a slew rate of 10V/[micro]s and gain-bandwidth product of 2.5MHz.

The op amp can be powered with a single or dual supply of +/-4V (8V) to +/-50V (100V).
High DC accuracy of 4mV maximum offset and 5[micro]V/C drift permits precision DC measurement over temperature.

The OPA454 also has a low bias current of +/-110pA that allows accurate measurements from high impedance sources or sensitive current shunt circuits.

Other features include a fast-acting enable/disable pin referenced to the common pin, which can be ground. This saves power and provides protection for the amplifier and the load.

An output status flag, referenced to the common pin, will also tell the user when an over-current or thermal overload condition occurs.


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