Tuesday, March 04, 2008

High-power modules expand voltage range for dual, triple outputs

Power modules offer COTS multiple independent 75-W outputs for mil/aero and industrial apps

Two high-power, multichannel power modules, the CB150D and CB225T, are now available in 2-, 3.3-, 5-, 5.2-, 12-, 15-, 24-, and 28-Vdc outputs. The modules expand the choice of output power for the CB series dc/dc power converters from 5 to 225 W. They are COTS converters with multiple independent 75-W outputs designed for applications in military, industrial, and aerospace.

Measuring 2.28 x 2.90 x .0.50 in., the CB150D is a 150-W device with two independent 75-W output channels. The CB225T measures 2.28 x 4.35 x 0.50 in. and is a triple-output module with three independent 75-W output channels. Both dc/dc converters feature an input range of 16 to 40 Vdc and a power density of 45 W/in.3 Standard features include remote turn on/off, output overvoltage trim pin, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, 500-kHz fixed-frequency conversion, and synchronization input.

All models are available in I (unscreened) and M (screened) grades with 84% efficiency. The converters meet full specified performance over an operating temperature range of -55° to 100°C from no load to full load for mission-critical markets. (Ea/50: CB150D. $495; CB225T, $675--available now.)

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