Saturday, March 01, 2008

High-Density AMC Modules

The NAMC-8560-xE1/T1/J1 board solution has a choice of four or eight E1/T1/J1 telecom interfaces and one Gigabit Ethernet interface at the front panel. Signalling packages, such as SS7 or ISDN, allow customers to run the module as a ready-to-use box solution or to integrate their own software by using off-the-shelf board-support packages. With the performance of the PowerQUICC III processor, this solution is well-suited for applications such as high-density multiplexers, multi-service switches, edge routers, digital modems and access, DSLAMs, cross-connect systems, VoIP/VoP gateways and routers, and 2.5+3G network equipment.

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