Saturday, March 01, 2008

HolyStone ceramic capacitors are radial leaded

 HolyStone (Europe) syas it can offer customers a one-stop shop for a range of both radial leaded and chip safety certified ceramic capacitors.

For example, the 250Vac rated MLCCs are available in five chip sizes, from an 1808 to 2220, and in either NPO/COG or X7R dielectrics, and with a capacitance range of 2pF to 4.7nF.

This range is X2/Y3 and X1/Y2 approved by both UL and TUV. The chip capacitors are available with the firm's SuperTerm polymer terminations to reduce the risk of both mechanical and thermal cracking. It also offers Arc Protection coating to reduce the incidence of flash over.

Single layer radial leaded devices are X1/Y1 approved and are available in a choice of lead spacings from 5mm (0.2in). A capacitance range of 5pF to 10nF is offered across a range of dielectrics. Parts are coated with a flame retardant epoxy resin and are rated at 250Vac and 400Vac for the Y capacitors, and 400Vac and 440Vac for the X capacitors. The products carry UL, VDE and CSA approval.


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