Tuesday, March 18, 2008

STMicroelectronics launches high-temperature triacs

 STMicroelectronics is offering a series of high-temperature triacs, which it claims maintain full specified performance up to a junction temperature of 150 deg C.

The attraction of the high-junction temperature is the need for smaller heatsinks.

The use of conventional triacs, which are specified at 125 deg C junction temperature, can cause a loss of control of the AC load in environments above this temperature due to device parameter de-rating above 125 deg C.

The HiTj Snubberless series requires no derating of any of its parameters up to the maximum junction temperature, and, in fact, achieves a turn-off performance at 150 deg C, said the supplier.

The triacs are also designed to deliver high-noise immunity of up to 1500V/[micro]s.
These devices are typically used in motor-control applications, such as vacuum cleaners, washing-machine drum motors and industrial drives.

The HiTj series is produced in TO-220AB, TO-220AB insulated (ceramic), and in D2PAK surface-mount packages, for maximum versatility. They are all 600V devices, with current ratings of 8A, 10A, 12A, 16A and 20A. The sensitivity range offered today is 35mA to 50mA, and will soon be extended with 10mA devices.

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