Friday, September 21, 2007

Siemens introduces Sitrans LUC500 duplex lift station control

Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. introduces the Sitrans LUC500 ultrasonic controller, an advanced ultrasonic level controller, for duplex lift stations run by operators of water and wastewater plants. The design of the new controller, integrates common PLC lift station functionalities into one pre-configured unit that improves efficiency, reduces energy consumption and lowers maintenance costs by decreasing pump failures and site visits. The Sitrans LUC500 ultrasonic controller replaces the EnviroRanger ERS 500, maintaining the same proven features and benefits.

The Sitrans LUC500 unit combines non-contacting ultrasonic technology, echo-processing techniques and proven application software to provide accurate level control of liquids in wet wells up to 50 feet deep. It also monitors flow in flumes, weirs and other open channels.

The Sitrans LUC500 controller features fault monitoring and data logging for trend analysis, logging time, date, volume or any other application event.

It integrates seamlessly with Scada, PLC, or DCS systems to provide remote access to all system parameters including pumped volume, pump runtime and pump status. The Sitrans LUC500 unit provides up to 16 digital inputs for pump interlocks for pump faults (thermal, seal failure), power failure, pump run status and H/O/A (Hand/Off/Auto) switch. The integral telemetry interface for Modbus RTU/ASCII allows remote control in real time. The patented algorithm for calculation of pumped volume works within 5 percent accuracy. Furthermore, the level controller offers logging of pump runtime and number of pump starts, as well as an energy saving function with built-in real-time clock. In the Sitrans LUC500, five relays control any combination of pumps, gate valves, and alarms. A pump performance/efficiency monitoring function calculates the pump capacities each time the pumps operate, and compares these to the reference pump capacities set by the user. If the monitored pump capacity falls below the entered reference value, an alarm indicates operational error, detecting complete pump failure.

Additionally, the Sitrans LUC500 instrument is expandable to meet a variety of applications with I/O modules RAM for data logging, dual point measurement, and industrial communications, including Profibus DP. Optional Windows based software, Dolphin Plus, provides simple system configuration and diagnostics. The device is available for rack mount, panel mount or wall mount.

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