Friday, February 08, 2008

Battery fuel gauges target mobile Internet devices

System- and pack-side impedance-track fuelgauge ICs simplify power management design

The bq27510 and the bq27540 battery fuel gauge devices with integrated low-dropout (LDOs) regulators are designed for smart phones, mobile Internet devices, and media players with embedded or removable batteries. The new system-side and battery-pack-side fuel gauges build on the company's family of ICs that are claimed to predict battery life with 99% accuracy.

The bq27510 system-side battery fuel gauge with impedance track technology incorporates an LDO regulator and can be powered directly from the battery cell with less external circuitry, regardless of system voltage. It also measures remaining capacity data from a device's single-cell Li-ion battery to predict remaining battery capacity under all conditions, even as a battery ages.

The bq27540 single-cell battery manager resides directly on the embedded or removable battery pack to intelligently manage available power that resides in the battery. It supports SDQ, HDQ, and I2C communication protocols to allow the system to read important information from the battery. ($1.35 ea/1,000 – prod qty, 2nd qtr.)

Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX
Product Information Center 800-477-8924

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