Sunday, February 17, 2008

3D EDA tool targets antenna system design

The Antenna Modeling Design System (AMDS) full-wave 3-D electromagnetic (EM) modeling and simulation software contains a scripting feature for performance optimization and automation of complex designs such as patch array antennas, allowing designers to fine-tune antennas for the best performance within electronic devices such as handheld wireless cell phones. Designers can write their own programs to automate element placement and incorporate mathematical functions to perform virtually any analysis on the antenna design before it is integrated into the complete mobile wireless device.

Designers also can use equations to define the geometry of complex antennas (such as those with fractal and conformal surfaces) to optimize performance. It meshes, simulates and optimizes an entire wireless device, together with its surrounding real-world environment, to analyze compliance standards such as HAC, SAR (specific absorption rate), and antenna diversity and MIMO (multiple-input, multiple output). (From $50,000available now.)

Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA
Janet Smith 970-679-5397

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