Monday, February 04, 2008

Receiver subsystem bridges gap between RF and digital worlds

SiP device incorporates an ADC plus ADC driver for ease of use

Suited for communication and instrumentation applications, the LTM9001 family of integrated receiver subsystems is intended to bridge the expertise gap between the RF world and digital domain to provide ease of use and shortened time to market. Leveraging the company's uModule packaging technology, the SiP device is a semicustomizable IF/baseband receiver subsystem that includes a 16-bit ADC converter sampling up to 160 Msamples/s, an anti-aliasing filter, and fixed-gain differential ADC driver—consuming approximately half the space of a discrete implementation (with no external components required).

The LTM9001 can be configured for various sampling rates and the differential ADC driver can be substituted for fixed-gain versions ranging from 8 up to 26 dB. The anti-aliasing filters can also be configured as low-pass or bandpass filter versions, accepting input frequencies as high as 300 MHz.

Additional features include an SNR of 72 dB, an SFDR of 82 dB, a single supply of 3.3 V, a power dissipation of 1.65 W, and LVDS and CMOS outputs. Housed in an LGA package, the part also includes a clock duty stabilizer, and optional internal dither and data output randomizer. The LGA pads are positioned on the bottom of the package so that input and clock signals are separated from the digital outputs. ($82 ea/1,000available now.)

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