Friday, February 08, 2008

SST targets entry level handsets with ComboMemory series

SST (Silicon Storage Technology) announced the 34WA Series of 1.8V ComboMemory products, the latest additions to the Company's family of high-performance flash memory/RAM combination memory products. The 34WA Series supports functions and features new to SST's ComboMemory family, including burst-mode operation for faster performance and address/data bus multiplexing for a lower pin count and smaller device footprint.

The products in the 34WA Series use a very small semiconductor package, measuring just 6mm x 8mm x 1mm, making them the smallest address/data bus multiplex combination memory devices available on the market today. The performance and space savings provided by the 34WA Series make these products ideal for the entry-level mobile handset market's need for high-performing, cost-effective, small form factor mobile phones.

"Entry-level mobile handsets for emerging regions continue to be significant areas of growth in the mobile phone market," said Paul Lui, senior vice president, Memory and Special Products Business Unit, SST.

"Mobile handsets with basic features that once served as entry-level products are no longer sufficient for the growing demands of customers in these regions. In light of this, OEMs need to deliver mobile handsets at aggressive price points, yet still provide strong performance, small size and long battery life. The introduction of our new 34WA ComboMemory Series confirms SST's commitment to supporting these market segments, and we believe the enhanced feature set, low power consumption and small footprint make our 34WA products a compelling choice for handset OEMs."

The 34WA Series supports burst-mode operation, which allows the data in the devices to be read at high speed, thereby increasing overall system performance. The devices also support address and data bus multiplexing to allow the sharing of I/O pins to reduce package pin count and overall device size. The 1.8V operating voltage of the 34WA Series devices leads to lower system power consumption.

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