Thursday, February 21, 2008

Handheld calibrator suits process-control ops


Able to perform source/measure functions, the CA150 handheld calibrator can serve as a multifunction calibration platform for process control, eliminating the need for multiple instruments, such as a standard generator, dial resistor, and multimeter.

The CE-compliant unit can measuring generated current signals while supplying 24-Vdc loop power up to 22 mA and -- in addition to calibrating RTDs, thermocouples, and instruments -- can check transmitters, thermostats, and signal converters. Easily operated, the large-display instrument is accurate to 0.02% of source/measure Vdc ranges and can store up to 21 settings and 100 readings. (From $1,900 -- available now.)

Omega Engineering, Stamford, CT
Information 203-359-1660

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