Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Closed-loop digital-input Class D amp is industry’s first

Architecture improves sound quality, reduces power demands, and lowers audio subsystem cost

Claimed to be the first closed-loop digital-input Class D amplifier, the TAS5706 improves sound quality and lowers system cost by relaxing power supply performance requirements. Targeting the HDTV market, the 20-W device speeds time to market and provides flexible output configurations along with easy-to-use support tools.

For LCD TVs, the audio amp can be powered from the existing 24-V backlight power supply, making a dedicated power rail for the audio subsystem unnecessary. Other sound enhancement features include dynamic range compression, a dedicated subwoofer channel for 2.1 applications, and speaker equalization.Housed in a QFP package, the amp supports stereo, quad, and 2.1 output configurations along with PWM headphone and subwoofer outputs. ($5.46 ea/100 — available now.)

Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX
Product Information Center 800-477-8924

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