Sunday, February 17, 2008

Aerco DC fan designed for high cooling applications

A new high performance ADDA DC fan from Aerco has been produced in the larger frame size of 127 x 127 x 38mm to meet the high cooling requirements of modern computer server equipment and other high density equipment cabinets.

The AD1324HB produces 110.3 litres/sec (242 CFM) in free air at nominal voltage and a maximum static pressure of 15.75 MM H²O at zero air volume. This new fan is also available in a low noise version that, while operating at 2000 rpm, produces 48.8 litres/sec (107 CFM) at a noise level of 41 dB/A. This is 2dB/A lower than a 120 x 120 x 38mm size fan with a similar air delivery.

Operating from a 24VDC supply the fan is protected against locked rotor condition, with automatic restart, has an operating temperature range of -10ºC to +70ºC at 65% (±20%) relative humidity and is available with several different function signals including any combination of alarm detection, speed detection (tacho) and PWM. Precision ball bearings provide a life expectancy of 50,000 hours at 40ºC and 65% RH.

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