Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Omron introduces 1x64 splitter planar waveguide

Omron Components Business - Europe has extended its range of compact bi-directional PLC splitter modules for Passive Optical Networks with a new 1x64 version. Omron P1C planar waveguide devices are suitable for FTTx Passive Optical Networks, DWDM and CWDM systems, optical cable TV and other outside equipment applications. The new 1x64 version complements the existing 1x4, 1x8, 1x16 and 1x32 splitters already available.

Each device in the range is a packaged optical waveguide chip based on patented plasma chemical vapour deposition (P-CVD) technology. The combination of PLC structure and P-CVD process technology provide high stable optical characteristics and good reliability. In addition, the splitter modules exhibit low insertion loss, low polarisation dependent loss and high port uniformity. The splitters are tested to Telcordia GR1209 and GR1221. Optional custom packaging, metal fittings and connectorised cassette modules are also available. All products are immediately available to order.

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