Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Denistron advances display evaluation kit

Densitron has upgraded it OLED display evaluation kit.  Based on the firm's USB OLED (DUO) demo kit and this latest version offers improved graphic display management.

The kit will drive OLED displays from the USB port of a desktop or laptop PC. It is hot pluggable and does not require extra power supply to run, allowing quick download of pictures and creation of slide shows.

The kit comprises an OLED display, a USB controller card, a mini USB cable, an interchangeable OLED display card, and a CD with software applications and drivers.

The upgrade kit can automatically detect the connected display and customise the initialisation to suit.  Users can also send register commands to the driver IC, either using a command line interface or sending a script file containing all the commands and then executing the script.

It incorporates brightness and slide time controls.  Several Kits can also be connected to a PC at the same time, each one running from its own USB port.

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