Monday, February 04, 2008

Avago 4th Gen PCS duplexer available

Avago Technologies today announced availability of its 4th generation PCS duplexer. The company is a leading supplier of interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications. Avago's ACMD-7403 offers best in class transmitter insertion loss to minimize power consumption and superior receiver insertion loss for excellent receiver sensitivity. Nearly forty percent smaller than previous generation products, the new PCS duplexer is designed for CDMA and UMTS mobile phone, data card, modem and femtocell applications.

Leveraging its market leading film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology, Avago's ACMD-7403 delivers an industry best 2.7 dB maximum Tx Band insertion loss which significantly lowers power consumption. An unprecedented 3.2 dB maximum Rx Band insertion loss achieves excellent receiver sensitivity. Additionally, the ACMD-7403 enhances the sensitivity and dynamic range of CDMA and UMTS receivers by providing more than 52 dB attenuation of the transmitted signal at the receiver input and more than 44 dB rejection of transmit-generated noise in the receive band.

Avago shrinks its PCS duplexer from 3.8 mm squared to 3.0 x 3.0 x1.2 mm, and provides maximum design flexibility with no compromise in electrical performance. It also achieves a high power rating of +33 dBm absolute maximum Tx power and is RoHS compliant. 


Avago's ACMD-7403 is available now.

Avago's Mobile Appliance Solutions

Avago Technologies is a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for today's highly integrated, feature-rich mobile handsets. Avago provides FBAR filters and CoolPAM power amplifiers that save battery life and help shrink handset size, infrared transceivers for transmitting data, surface-mount LEDs that provide backlighting styling options, proximity sensors that automate the speakerphone, and ambient-light photo sensors that save battery life by controlling backlighting. No other component vendor offers all of these solutions for mobile appliances.

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