Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sony Walkman NWZ-A820 Series: Video MP3 with Bluetooth Stereo

iPod, what iPod? Looking at the new Sony Walkman NWZ-A820 Series, I'd bet there'll be many who'd jump over the fence if the A810 didn't convince them. This new line of video mp3 players with Bluetooth stereo seems like a hit in the making. The large, clear 2.4" QVGA screen ensures you'll enjoy the high quality video playback, and, as the name implies, it has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music. There are three storage capacities available:

The 16GB NWZ-A829 which can store 62 hours of video or 3,800 songs.
The 8GB NWZ-A828 which can store 30 hours 40 mins of video or 1,850 songs.
The 4GB NWZ-A826 which can store 15 hours or 925 songs.

Another winner is the extended battery life which entails 10 hours of video and 36 hours of music playback. Even when the Bluetooth is enabled, the battery is still capable of supporting the player for 7 hours video and 15 hours music playback. Speaking of video playback, the Sony Walkman NWZ-A820 can support 30 fps of it. The device can support a variety of media formats such as copyright-free AAC, Linear PCM, MP3, WMA for audio; AVC and MPEG-4 for video; and JPEG for picture files. Files can easily be transferred from your PC to the player via drag and drop. The device also boasts four 'Clear Audio' Technologies for maximum listening experience.

The three versions of the new Sony Walkman NWZ-A820 Series will be available starting April 2008 in Europe. Pre-orders are now possible through

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