Friday, February 08, 2008

Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta ADC

The ADC12EU050 is a high-speed, continuous-time sigma-delta ADC (analogue-to-digital-converter) device. This eight-channel, 12-bit, 50Msample/s data converter chip offers users an alias-free sample bandwidth up to 25MHz, while consuming 350mW, 30% less than most competing pipeline devices currently on the market. Its low power will enable manufacturers to extend battery life and reduce heat in portable medical ultrasound and industrial imaging equipment. The continuous-time architecture greatly simplifies system design as it allows the integration of other signal-path functions such as signal conditioning, while incorporating anti-aliasing filtering into the ADC. The integrated low-pass, brickwall anti-aliasing filter blocks out-of-band signals. An easy-to-drive, purely resistive input stage, which does not require a sample-and-hold amplifier, is also integrated. Instant-overload recovery circuitry recovers from saturation within one clock cycle if the input exceeds pre-determined limits.

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