Friday, February 01, 2008

Garmin nuvifone (iPhone-Like Smartphone with GPS)


Ok honestly I wonder why the iPhone has become the standard for all the cool smartphones in the market? I know its got some quite awesome features like the touchscreen and big monster size display but I don't think thats all which makes it the best smartphone ever. The iPhone hype is so high that now companies have started marketing their phone products with the "iPhone-Like Smartphone" tag-line.

Garmin nuvifone is a similar type of iPhone-Like Smartphone announced by Garmin recently. Whether or not the company is promoting the phone using the iPhone-Like tag-line, we still do know that the iPhone and nuvifone have a lot in common. The touchscreen and the monstrous 3.5 inch color display is what we have seen in the iPhone already but the feature that makes nuvifone unique from the iPhone is its built-in GPS functionality.

Here are some of the very basic specifications of the phone

  • 3.5 inch Touch Display
  • 3.5G data connectivity
  • WiFi
  • Speaker
  • Mp3 Player
  • Videos
  • Web Browser
  • Photos
  • GPS

The phone is expected to be released somewhere near the end of this year 2008. However there is no information available about the price of the phone yet.

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