Tuesday, February 26, 2008

International Rectifier triple output DC-DC power converters

International Rectifier has introduced a range of triple output DC-DC power converters, the Mx series, designed for space applications powering specific RF communication satellite applications.

The Mx series converters can be configured to meet a range of spacecraft power bus voltages, varying output load requirements, and telemetry needs, and are optimized to ensure maximum performance for sensitive RF equipment onboard spacecraft, such as receivers, transmitters, beacons, low noise amplifiers (LNAs), and up/down converters.

The aim is to offer the cost benefits of a high volume standard product with a customisable product.  
Two power levels are available. The MA platform is rated at 5W and the MB platform is rated at 15W output power. The platform has three outputs; each output can be configured from 3.3V to 15V and independently regulated to eliminate cross talk and minimize noise.

Output noise is less than 1mVRMS and conducted susceptibility (CS) rejection is better than 95dB.  In addition, the converter offers output voltage accuracy and end-of-life output voltage variations of less than two per cent.

The converters are designed to accommodate common satellite power buses from 20V to 100V. An input filter is included to meet stringent EMI requirements. Isolated telemetry/tele-command interface and output turn-on/turn-off sequencing (normally required by RF amplifiers) capability are also offered.

See www.irf.com

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