Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2.5 to 13-GHz scopes offer 1-Gsample memory for deepest insight

Sampling at 40 Gsamples/s, low-noise instruments can capture and store 25-ms worth of signal data with unique hardware/software triggering system

The first such instruments to support a 1-Gsamples memory, Infiniium 90000A Series four-channel oscilloscopes not only claim to offer the world's deepest acquisition memory depth, but they also provide a unique hardware/software integrated triggering system, InfiniiScan Plus, that can identify a hardware event as short as 150 ps and software event of only 75 ps.

The series consists of six basic models with different bandwidths and sampling rates -- the 2.5-, 4-, -and 6-GHz versions with 20-Gsample/s rates and the, 8-, 12-, and enhanced 13-GHz with 40-Gsample/s rates. These so-called DSO types come with a basic 10-Msample memory that can be optionally expanded from 20 Msamples to 1 Gsample.

DSA versions come with the same bandwidth and sampling rates, but with a 20-Msample memory and key software options for jitter/serial-data analysis and noise reduction. With either a DSO or DSA, choosing a particular set of performance options doesn't lock you in; bandwidth and memory are upgradable after purchase.

Maximum sample rate applies to all four channels simultaneously and, with the fastest sampling and deepest memory, users can capture 25-ms-long records, a 6x increase over other scopes in this class.

Both DSO and DSA models can make over 150,000 measurements/s, with modes supporting over 300,000 triggers/s. Making the trigger system's ability to identify glitches faster than 250 ps more meaningful is the instrument's low noise floor: at a setting of 5 mV/div, it's 147 µV on 2.5-GHz models, 389 µV for 13-GHz units.

A wealth of options lets users configure the scopes for many types of measurement functions and compliance tests. (Base DSO prices, from $29,000 to $102,000 -- available now.)

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