Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Analog signal-conditioning chip simplifies design process

Analog bridge sensor conditioner connects directly to the piezoresistive sensor to provide analog calibration, temperature compensation, and amplification

The MBSTC-02 signal-conditioning chip is offered as the first active analog circuit incorporating the company's passive, polysilicon adjustable resistor technology known as Rejustors. The chip simplifies the design process allowing sensor calibration and temperature compensation after final assembly, which negates cumulative errors associated with the assembly processes, such as manufacturing tolerance errors, error introduced by stress, and packaging.

The device features low-noise operational amplifiers with Rejustors to provide precise signal conditioning with integrated temperature correction for use with sensors with a negative TC sensitivity. Adjustment is performed in-circuit, after assembly and packaging. The adjustment process is isolated from the signal path, allowing true in-circuit adjustment. Once adjusted, the MBSTC-02 maintains its configuration indefinitely without standby power or a boot-up sequence. Housed in a QFN-16 package, it operates over temperatures ranging from -40 to 125C. ($1.99 ea/1,000available now.)

Microbridge Technologies, San Jose, CA

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