Wednesday, January 30, 2008

XP Energy convection-cooled power system provides up to 1440W

XP Energy Systems, an XP Group company, announces the CCR Series modular rack-mount power system which is designed to provide 240 to 1440W.

Unusually for a power system of this size, CCR Series units are convection cooled and do not require fans or forced air for operation.

This, coupled with the option of a conformally coated PCB, allows the system to be used in truly industrial environments. Operating temperature range is between 0 and 50ºC.

The CCR Series offers the option of single or dual AC inputs and outputs can be either 24 or 48VDC. The units are CE marked and power factor correction is standard.

Up to six hot-swap modules can be incorporated into the system's 3U high, 19in subrack each providing up to 240W and the unit can be configured for N+1 redundancy. Connection is via IEC or screw terminal options.

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