Monday, January 28, 2008

Infrared camera

The new ThermoVision A320-series infrared camera from FLIR Systems keeps an eye on your production process, safeguards production plants and assets and, measures temperature developments enabling operators to assess the situation.

The devise operates like sophisticated visual cameras used in industrial applications, and has standard interfaces for easy deployment and connection to back-end systems and network via Gigabit Ethernet.

It sees abnormalities before they become costly and potentially life-threatening failures. The camera triggers an alarm and sends an e-mail alerting the operator of the problem.

The infrared camera is equipped with an extensive range of measurement, analysis and communication features which enables the camera to perform as an automatic control, monitoring and messaging system.

It features a comprehensive set of input, output and connectivity options, including Power over Ethernet (an industry first) MPEG 4 video streaming and automatic file and e-mail messaging.

The camera comes with a standard software package for easy installation and control including configuration utilities, remote control and motorised focus. The camera¹s IR Monitor software is included in the package and links up to nine cameras for simultaneous monitoring.

FLIR Systems

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