Friday, January 11, 2008

Microchip Introduces Flash Memory to Baseline PIC Microcontroller

Microchip announces two new Baseline 8-bit Flash PIC microcontrollers with non-volatile Flash Data Memory (FDM) in 8- and 14-pin packages.

Now offering 64 bytes of non-volatile data memory, an 8 MHz internal oscillator, a Device Reset Timer (DRT), up to three channels of 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Conversion (ADC), and up to two comparators - engineers using the low-cost Baseline PIC microcontrollers now have an increasingly diverse feature set to select from.

The high-endurance non-volatile Flash data memory on Microchip's new PIC12F519 (8-pin) and PIC16F526 (14-pin) provides a cost-effective option to store configuration and calibration data, counters or small look-up tables without external non-volatile memory.


Some example applications for the Baseline PIC microcontroller family include standby power control, power-sequencing infrared receivers, handheld products, smart switches and mode selectors, electric pumps and compressors, light switching and dimming, thermostats, security systems, blenders, toasters, coffee machines and electric toothbrushes.

Both new devices are available today in the package options listed below for general sampling and volume production. Microchip's suite of MPLAB® development tools supports these microcontrollers, including the PICkit™ 2 series of starter kits.

PIC12F519:  8-pin PDIP, MSOP, SOIC and 2x3 mm DFN package options
PIC16F526:  14-pin PDIP, SOIC and TSSOP package options


   * Other features of the PIC12F519 and PIC16F526 include:
   * 1K instructions (x12-bit program words) of Flash program memory
   * Up to 67 bytes of data RAM memory
   * Up to two comparators
   * Up to 3 channels of 8-bit ADC
   * Precision internal oscillator, operating at up to 8 MHz
   * 25 mA source/sink current IO
   * Low power (100 nA) sleep current
   * Wide operating voltage range from 2 to 5.5 volts
   * One 8-bit timer, and one watchdog timer
   * In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) technology
   * Package sizes as small as 2x3 mm DFN

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