Thursday, January 10, 2008

NEC Electronics P-channel PowerMOSFETs

NEC Electronics Europe has extended its portfolio of low-voltage power management devices (PMD). The new devices close the -15 A to -100 A drain current gap in the P-channel NP-Series.

Devices with two VDSS ratings (-40 V and -60 V) and logic gate drive are available in the popular TO-252 (DPAK) and TO-263 (D2PAK) SMD packages. On-state resistance (RDS(on)) for lower drain current devices (ID (DC) > -50 A) in DPAK varies from 9.6 mΩ (NP50P04SDG) to 75 mΩ (NP15P06SLG), while RDS(on) for -100 A rated devices in D2PAK extends down to 3.7 mΩ.

The very low RDS(on) values of P-channel PowerMOSFETs are the result of the UMOS-4 process. According to NEC, this trench technology with an ultrafine design rule of 0.25 µm increases cell density (up to 160 Mcells/inch²) and decreases the specific on-state resistance (RDS(on) per unit area).

As with all members of the NP-Series, the new devices are qualified according to AEC-Q101 flow, support a maximum channel temperature of 175 °C, and are fully RoHS compliant thanks to pure Sn plating. The avalanche energy rating is device-dependent and ranges from 19 mJ (NP15P06SLG) to 550 mJ (NP100P04PLG), states the company.

The line-up of devices with low RDS(on) meets the growing demand for P-channel devices in automotive applications. Using P-channel rather than N-channel PowerMOSFETs can have significant benefits in standard applications like reverse battery protection or H-bridge DC motor drives.

The NP-Series is part of NEC Electronics’ family of low-voltage switching devices that provides power management for power supplies, automotive systems, motor control, and office, robotic and uninterruptible power applications.

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