Thursday, January 31, 2008

Phar Lap Embedded ToolSuite 14.0

Hitex UK has announced release 14.0 of the Phar Lap Embedded ToolSuite, the real-time operating system for embedded x86 systems.

The latest version features updated support for the Microsoft Visual Studio product suite, as well as enhanced debugging capabilities.

The Phar Lap Embedded ToolSuite is a Win32 API-based real-time operating system for x86-based architectures. According to Hitex, its hard real-time performance and robust development environment and toolset enable efficient deployment of stable and reliable embedded applications.

Because it works with standard PC-based hardware, ETS is designed to allow for cost-effective deployments and short development cycles. Additionally, states, Hitex, it enhances the widely-deployed and well-known Microsoft Developer Studio Integrated Development Environment with a number of plug-ins so that developers can create complex embedded applications as easily as they can develop Windows applications.

Enhancements in version 14.0 include:

· Embedded StudioExpress™ support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

· Embedded StudioExpress™ support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

· ETS applications can now be debugged over  a TCP/IP network connection

· Usability enhancements to most Embedded Tool Suite utilities

· Expanded sample program support for all supported Visual Studio environments

· Many other device driver enhancements, additional Ethernet controller support, and more

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