Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maxim MAX8655 25A step-down regulator

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8655, a 25A step-down regulator. According to the company it is the first switching, step-down regulator to incorporate discrete MOSFETs and to shrink regulator packaging into the TQFN footprint 8mm x 8mm x 0.8mm (height).

The device provides output currents of up to 25A. A wide 4.5V to 25V input-voltage range allows for internal bus architecture (IBA) applications, where input voltage can have a two-to-one variation. It is aimed at any application in which space, power, and versatility are crucial.

Peak current-mode control at up to 1.2MHz switching simplifies compensation, states Maxim, and allows for all types of output capacitors, and provides feed-forward for optimum line regulation. Together with this peak current-mode-control topology, accurate current sensing enables paralleling in multiphase fashion. As a result, higher output currents are achieved and smaller output-filter components are required.

Programmable features of the MAX8655 include slope compensation, OVP threshold, short-circuit protection, frequencies, and current limit (either latchoff or current fold-back with autorecovery overcurrent protection). Sync input/output and thermal protection are standard features that assure safe operation under all conditions.

A Data Sheet for this product is available on the web - see

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