Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A-to-Z of telecom vocabulary or learn more on digital signal processing

In its 840 hardbound pages, the book "Digital Signal Processing, Fundamentals and Applications" authored by Li Tan, presents DSP (digital-signal-processing) principles, applications, and hardware-implementation issues, emphasising achievable results and conclusions through the presentation of numerous worked examples. The book reduces the use of mathematics for an easier grasp of the concepts. The topics covered include the real-time implementation of DSP algorithms using DSP processors, MATLAB programs for simulations and C programs for real-time DSP, adaptive filtering with applications to noise reduction and echo cancellation, the use of DSP in multimedia applications, and other subtelties such as u-law and adaptive differential pulse-code modulation, sampling-rate conversions, transform coding, or image and video processing. Together with the book, MATLAB programs, student exercises and Real-time C programs are downloadable from a companion web page. This book is aimed at electrical engineers and technicians who design and build hardware and software for DSP systems, as well as senior-level students in Engineering Technology programs (electronic, biomedical, and computer-engineering technologies) at technical colleges and junior-level students in traditional university engineering programs.

The huge paperback "Newton's Telecom Dictionary", compiled by Harry Newton, is on its 23rd edition. This widely successful reference of IT terms covers over 23,500 complex technical terms and acronyms in a 184x235mm tome of 1056 pages. The comprehensive guide enables readers to make the most of their telecom resources and will help them maximise network and save money on pretty much anything communication-related. As well as the alphabetically listed technical terms, the dictionary features a few chapters on money-saving tips, product-buying tips, a chronology of the most important benchmarks in communication, and an exhaustive list of IEEE-numbered telecom standards and other numerical jargon. From ADSL to ZigBee, this is everything you need to know about telecoms!

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