Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pacer plastic lasers offer increased power at low cost

New Multi EPI-cavity plastic packaged lasers from PerkinElmer double or triple the output power of a single cavity chip. DPGEW (double) and TPGEW (triple) are high performance 905nm pulsed lasers in low cost plastic encapsulated packages.

The lasers employ PerkinElmer's novel multi-active area laser chips to deliver high output power in a small emitting area, allowing easy fibre coupling.

The active areas are monolithically grown through MOCVD on the GaAs substrate and are separated by grown separation regions (tunnel junctions).

With this approach, a doubling or tripling of the available optical output power from a single chip is achieved. This power enhancement comes with only a slight increase in the near-field transverse active area dimension.

The Multi-EPI lasers are now in production and available from Pacer International. High quality, reliability and RoHS compliance mean these devices suit high volume applications including laser range finding, LiDAR, laser scanners, automotive adaptive cruise control, fog sensing and blind spot detection, security access/presence and fibre optic instrumentation.

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