Thursday, January 17, 2008

Varitronix presents new wide viewing TFT technology

Varitronix is launching the first in a new family of colour TFT displays, using HFFS technology to deliver exceptional image quality even when viewed at extreme angles. The first Varitronix HFFS TFT display to be released is a 3" WQVGA model (480 x 272 pixels) in 16:9 widescreen format.

High aperture ratio Fringe Field Switching (HFFS) is a new development in TFT technology that enables displays to be viewed at almost 180 degree in both axes, without the colour shift that is normally seen at the extremes of viewability. The outcome is a display that can be viewed from almost directly above, below or from either side without loss of image quality.

HFFS works by optimising a screen printing treatment in the LCD cell which alters the alignment of the liquid crystals. The result is vastly improved viewing properties such as a contrast of 500:1, as well as higher light transmission with a 30-40% higher aperture ratio than conventional vertically aligned TFT displays. As a result, the backlight can be turned down for certain applications, saving power. HFFS also requires a much lower driving voltage than standard vertically aligned TFTs in this size.

A further significant feature of HFFS is its exceptional sunlight readability. The innovative design of the LCD increases inner reflectance while the modified polarizer reduces outer reflectance.

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