Monday, January 21, 2008

Murata monolithic chip coil series of power inductors

Murata has announced a new monolithic chip coil series of power inductors, the LQM2HP series. It features a package size of 2.5 by 2.0 by 1.1mm (1008 size).

These multilayer power inductors use Murata's proprietary ceramic materials and inner electrode design. According to the company, they enable board space savings of up to 44% without performance degradation when compared to wirewound parts.

Aimed primarily at DC-DC converter circuits, the LQM2HP series is suitable for miniaturisation of power supplies in electrical appliances that demand the best possible performance, states Murata. The inductors feature integral magnetic shielding to eliminate EMI issues.

Parts are available with inductances between 0.47 and 4.7uH. Low DC resistance of between 0.04 and 0.12 Ohms (depending on the part number) minimises losses and boosts efficiency.

The series is available with rated currents up to 1.8A. See for more information.

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