Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coherent economical UV laser for semiconductor inspection

The new Paladin Advanced 355-8000 from Coherent is a diode-pumped, solid-state laser that delivers 8W of quasi-CW output at 355 nm, while offering enhanced economy compared to previous lasers at this power level.

Specifically, improved resonator efficiency has reduced the number of pump diodes from four to two, enabling the Paladin Advanced 355-8000 to provide the same performance characteristics of the previous 8W unit while featuring both a lower purchase price and reduced costs of ownership.  Key performance features include excellent mode quality (M2<1.2), low noise (<1% RMS from 10 Hz to 2 MHz) and an 80 MHz repetition rate.   

The Paladin Advanced 355-8000 also features PermAlign optics mounting, which makes the laser insensitive to shock and vibration, and ensures long-term stability without the need for adjustments. High reliability, long lifetime, Aluminum-free Active Area (AAA) pump diodes maximize the interval between diode replacements.  A smart power supply allows hands-free operation and makes the Paladin Advanced 355-8000 easy to integrate. 

With 8W of output power, the Paladin Advanced 355-8000 is ideal for laser direct imaging (LDI) of printed circuit boards, flat panel display (FPD) substrate scribing and circuit imaging, and inspecting both patterned and unpatterned semiconductor wafers. 

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For further information, contact Torsten Rauch, product manager, Diode-Pumped Solid-State Business Unit at (408) 764-4000 in Europe at 49 451 3000 375 or

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