Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Actel announces MIL-STD 883 Class B qualified FPGA

Actel Corporation has announced that it has completed the stringent MIL-STD 883 Class B qualification of its four-million gate radiation-tolerant RTAX-S field-programmable gate array (FPGA). 

According to the company, the qualification of the RTAX4000S device, combined with its usable error-corrected on-board memory and large number of user I/O, make it ideal for high-bandwidth processing applications in spacecraft payloads.
The high-density RTAX4000S device has completed 1,000 hours of high-temperature operating life (HTOL) testing and nearly 80,000 total hours of life testing data to date, says Actel. This device specific testing data is in addition to the 2,000,000 device hours of testing achieved by the remainder of the RTAX-S family.

"We continue to build and support our highly successful RTAX-S product portfolio," said Ken O'Neill, director of marketing, military and aerospace at Actel Corporation. 

"No other FPGA delivers the high density, radiation tolerance and the reliability of the RTAX4000S device.  To further meet customer requirements, we are testing and qualifying these parts to the most stringent standards – from 883 Class B to QML Class V, assuring our customers that these programmable solutions can withstand even the most extreme conditions in space."
Hardened by design against radiation single-event upsets (SEUs), the nonvolatile RTAX4000S requires no radiation mitigation techniques.  Competing high-density FPGA solutions require user-instantiated triple module redundancy (TMR), which can consume more than two-thirds of the device's available logic. 

According to Actel, the RTAX4000S offers the inherent flexibility of the programmable fabric, delivering cost and time-to-market advantages over radiation-hardened (RH)-ASICs with their long lead times and high up-front tooling charges. 


The RTAX4000S device, the largest member of the RTAX-S family, is available now.  For further information about pricing and availability, contact Actel.

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