Thursday, April 10, 2008

TDK thin-film common-mode TCM0605 filter

TDK claims to have one of the smallest thin-film common-mode filters for the EMI filtering of high-speed data transmission.

The TCM0605 filter employs thin-film magnetic-head technologies, fine-pattern-conductor-formation and film-formation technologies. A target application is in video streaming or high-quality image downloads, which require compact noise countermeasures that have an adverse affect on the signal quality of differential transmission lines.

The filter measures 0.65×0.50×0.30mm, achieving about a 50 per cent reduction in volume and 35 per cent decrease in mounting area compared to the company's TCM1005 product.

Samples of the 0605-type filter will be shipping in April 2008, available with a rated voltage of 10Vdc and rated currents from 50mA dc to 100mA dc.


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