Monday, April 07, 2008

CML evaluation kits for CMX990 RF transceiver with GMSK modem

CML Microcircuits has introduced a couple of evaluation kits for its CMX990 RF transceiver with integrated GMSK modem.

The EV9900A board-based evaluation kit will support frequency bands and its initial configuration is for 410-430MHz operation with 25kHz channel spacing at 9600bps.

The second kit, the EV9902, provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for the EV9900A kit. The kit is supplied as a Hyperstone hyBoard-XS evaluation board plus interface PCB, together with GUI software for a PC.

It connects to a Windows-based PC via a standard USB cable. The interface to the EV9900A is also supplied. The GUI software allows users to directly write to and read from the CMX990 registers and perform real-time tasks for Mobitex or free-format frame transfers live over a RF link.

The GUI software will calculate the CMX990 register values required to generate the user's desired PLL frequencies and bit rates. The hyBoard-XS evaluation board is supplied pre-loaded with firmware, allowing real-time operations to be performed.

The CMX990 is a low-power, single-chip wireless M2M (machine to machine) GMSK modem in a 'no-leads' 64-pin VQFN package.


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