Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Altera, Bitec video dev kit for Cyclone III FPGAs

Altera has teamed with Bitec to offer a video development kit based on Cyclone III FPGAs.

For video applications the attraction will be the device's large parallel processing capabilities with up to 288 multipliers and 4Mbit embedded memory blocks. The kit will support multiple video I/O formats.

The development has been developed with applications such as video surveillance, video conferencing and industrial imaging in mind.

The video development kit features a Cyclone III development board with two high-speed mezzanine connector (HSMC)-based video interface daughtercards developed by Bitec. The kit supports composite, S-Video, DVI and RGB video.

As well as the Quartus II Web Edition software, there is access to Altera OpenCore Plus evaluation IP megafunctions including the Video and Image Processing suite.

A CD-ROM with a video mosaic reference design developed by Bitec.

See www.bitec.ltd.uk

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