Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ARJ45 connector with 5GHz signalling frequency

Millions of users are connected to the Internet through copper cables and over a billion RJ45 connectors are employed in this global network. The Internet data rate is limited to about 1Gbit/s (100 to 250 MHz signalling frequency).

The RJ45 connector was never intended to transmit these high frequency signals and so members of IEC/ISO committees, facing the limits of RJ45 connectors, have identified the need for new connector interfaces.

The ARJ45, developed by Stewart Connector, combines the standard interface (IEC 61076-3-110) with performance up to 5GHz signalling frequency. The supplier says it outperforms the IEC standard requirements for transmission parameters such as NEXT, insertion and return loss. Its form factor is almost identical to the RJ45.

The most common category 5e RJ45 connector has NEXT of 43dB at 100MHz, the ARJ45 demonstrated a x40 improvement in crosstalk attenuation between differential pairs compared to existing category 5e RJ45 connectors, said the supplier.

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