Thursday, April 03, 2008

Macroblock DC-DC converter for high power LED lighting apps

Macroblock has a DC-DC converter for high power LED lighting applications. It is a 1.2A constant current buck DC-DC converter with a constant current mode hysteretic PFM design.

This has the advantage of powering LED design with a current source.

By combining the features of adaptive output switching frequency and an audio frequency skip, both higher current and frequency can be reached as well as reducing risk from noise interruption when the converter is activated.

The MBI6650 is configured with four external components. The design will allow operation from an input of 9 to 36V for high power LED applications. With full protection, the MBI6650 enhances power dissipation with a thermal pad in a TO-252-5L package.

Samples and demo boards are available from Plus Opto.


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