Friday, September 12, 2008

Welwyn WHPC thick-film chip resistor with enhanced power rating

TT electronics Welwyn Components has launched the WHPC series of thick-film chip resistors with enhanced power rating. It is available in sizes 1206 and 2010, rated at 0.5W and 1W respectively. Due to limited trimming, both the power rating and the pulse performance are better than for a commodity part of the same footprint.

The WHPC series offers diversity, flexibility and versatility to design engineers facing space restrictions and high-energy pulse requirements.

Thick-film electrodes, resistor material, overglaze and organic protection are screen printed on an alumina substrate. Wrap-around terminations have an electroplated nickel barrier and matt tin plating which ensures outstanding 'leach' resistance properties and solderability. The body protection is resistant to all normal industrial cleaning solvents suitable for printed circuits.

Key features:

• Double the standard power for size.
• Small footprint flat chip.
• Excellent pulse performance.
• RoHS compliant.

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