Friday, September 19, 2008

Murata SAW resonators for SRDs

Murata's latest family of SAW resonators is designed for short range devices (SRDs) operating in the ISM300 and ISM400 bands, and achieves +/-50ppm tolerance. Because of its tight tolerance, the SARCC series of SAW resonators helps designs comply with the latest ETSI frequency error standard.

The thermal coefficient of the three millimetre square package has been reduced by almost 50% to 0.016ppm/ deg C (typical) and the resonant loss has been improved by approximately 1dB to 1.5dB (maximum), compared to previous generations of SAW resonator.

The range is offered with tolerance of either +/-50kHz or +/-50ppm, compared to the +/-75kHz offered by previous generations.

Resonators in the SARCC series come in two types, each named using a different suffix: part numbers suffixed -KX are intended for the consumer electronics applications and are also suitable for some automotive applications such as RKE (remote keyless entry) systems. Part numbers suffixed -TX are full automotive grade (AEC-Q200) devices, suitable for applications such as TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems).

The new family, which covers all the most requested frequencies, is available in industry standard 3.0x3.0mm size, 6-pin ceramic packaging and is backward compatible with older devices.

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