Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Intersil ISL59450 multiformat video multiplexer with integrated sync separator

Intersil's ISL59450 multiformat video multiplexer with integrated sync separator has six Composite, four S-Video and four Component video inputs enabling simultaneously switching of a number of video signals in different formats.

Another feature is that two of the Component input channels can be configured for RGB signals with separate horizontal and vertical syncs. This allows for handling of PC video signals often used in multimedia and home-theatre applications.

The device features integrated programmable anti-aliasing filters that provide the ability to program the corner frequencies to specifically address the video standard being used.

Two universal sync separators extract the timing signals from input signals, which will be needed further down the signal path to display and manipulate images. This, along with two active output channels per input group, supports picture-in-picture (PIP) functions.

The ISL59450 also features programmable output gain control. To support very high resolution signals it can be configured to bypass the filters and provide 275MHz of bandwidth.


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