Friday, September 19, 2008

1.5 GHz FPGA family features up...

The Speedster family of FPGAs uses picoPIPE acceleration technology that speeds the way data moves through the FPGA fabric. Instead of a global parallel clock, picoPIPEs use simple handshake protocols to efficiently control data flow, resulting in what is said to be significantly improved performance. The 1.5 GHz 65 nm devices have 24,576 to 163,840 LUTs.

The fist device in the family is the SPD60 with 47,040 LUTs, twenty 10.3 Gbit/s SerDes, five 5 Gbit/s SerDes, 144 18 Kbit blocks of RAM, and 98 multipliers. The device takes 8 to 10 W, excluding I/O, has four DDR3/DDR2 controllers, and comes in a FBBA 1285 or 1892 package.

The chips 10.3 Gbit/s SerDes supports numerous high-speed interfaces, such as 40G/100G Ethernet, CEI-6G, 10 Gbit/s backplane, XFI, PCI Express, XAUI, SRIO, and Infiniband. Design tools and a development kit are available. ($200 to $2,500 ea/volume qty. — SPD60 available Q3.)

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