Wednesday, September 17, 2008

STMicroelectronics STCC08 solid-state AC-switch driver

The STCC08 from STMicroelectronics is its first solid-state AC-switch driver to integrate switch-supervision for use in mains-powered devices designed to meet IEC60335-1 and IEC60730-1 safety standards.

The device's supervisor capability meets IEC60335 by detecting short-circuit or open-circuit failures, as well as diode-mode failure of a solid-state AC switch in both half-AC-line polarities.

The device uses unique techniques to detect true switch status, and generates a logic signal connected to a digital input of a microcontroller (MCU), which implements the diagnostic using a simple two-input truth table. In insulated applications, the IC's output is also able to drive an opto-transistor.

The STCC08's integrated switch gate driver is capable of sinking up to 25mA to drive a directly connected AC switch, and supports continuous, pulsed or angle-phase modes. The output current is regulated using an external resistor. The CMOS-compatible input enables direct connection to the microcontroller.

Designed for connection in parallel with the power path, the STCC08 delivers a robust solution able to withstand EMI fast transients up to 4kV, thereby meeting IEC61000-4-4.

It can operate from 3.3V or 5V, is offered in a surface-mount ECPOACK SO-8 package.


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