Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Renesas Technology high-frequency power MOSFETS

Renesas Technology's latest high-frequency power Mosfets, designed for use in the transmitter power amplifier of handheld wireless equipment, the devices achieve 60% added power efficiency in the RQA0010 at 3.6V and 55% in the RQA0014.

In particular, when a two-stage amplifier is implemented by driving the RQA0010 with the output of the RQA0014, the circuit achieves the industry's highest level of performance: a 1.2W output at 3.6V.

With high ESD immunity, the devices maintain their high-efficiency characteristics at 20kV and over and achieve ESD immunity level 4. 

The ESD immunity level is measured with a test that verifies that a static aerial discharge applied to the antenna of a wireless device does not affect that device and that simulates the discharges that actually could occur from a person or metal object as required by the IEC61000-4-2 standard.

The following levels are stipulated by this standard. Level 1: 2kV, level 2: 4kV, level 3: 8kV, level 4: 15kV.

The RQA0014 is mainly for use as a transmitter power amplifier driver and the RQA0010 is suitable for use as a power amplifier.


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