Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Link supplies 1119 solid-state high-power amplifier

The 1119 high-power amplifier is designed for mobile jamming applications.

Link Microtek, a specialist supplier of RF and microwave components and subsystems, has announced a solid-state high-power amplifier module designed for use in military mobile jamming systems to counter the threat of IEDs.

Manufactured by Empower RF Systems, the 1119 module covers the frequency range 500MHz to 2.5GHz and features a rugged construction that ensures excellent long-term reliability.

The module utilises high-power advanced GaN transistors to achieve an output of 50W with high efficiency, low distortion and wide dynamic range. It has a maximum noise figure of 10dB and a minimum IP3 of +48dBm.

Operating from a 28VDC supply, the 1119 includes built-in control and monitoring circuits to protect it against input overdrive, any load VSWR and thermal overload.

This compact module measures 188 x 91 x 27mm, weighs 454g and has an operating temperature range of -40º to +80ºC.

More information: www.linkmicrotek.com

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